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August Ames from her Twitter Account

This episode is an extremely unique one, an episode that we have not only had to handle delicately but there was great debate whether to even let the interview happen out of respect for August Ames and her family members most affected by this tragedy.

Once we sat down and had a conversation about the size of the situation and the underlying messages of cyberbullying and mental health the decision was made to move forward.

Totally Inappropriate Radio began the program by reading this message from THE DEMON SEED RADIO NETWORK.

We largely decided to have this interview with Pansexual Adult Film Performer Jaxton Wheeler because of the (at the time of the original broadcast) impending flood of articles from such mainstream sources as NEWSWEEK FOX NEWS, UK BASED NEWSPAPERS THE SUN and THE MIRROR, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, HUFFINGTON POST, MAXIM, MENS HEALTH,  and numerous international news outlets, not to mention all of the Adult Blogs and News sites such as AVN and XBIZ. There have even been statements made by KINK.COM, FREE SPEECH COALITION and EVIL ANGEL

Live radio, especially Live Radio Interviews are an interesting thing to conduct, and sometimes it is only during those interviews that information becomes available that may be either true or false. While Totally Inappropriate Radio did an excellent job interviewing  Jaxton Wheeler this past Saturday Evening, it became our duty as the governing News Organization to clear up a few things that were said.

In the interview Jaxton had mentioned at the 1hour Mark of the Totally Inappropriate Radio Show (7p EST, 4p PST on Saturday, December 9th 2017) That in August Ames’s Original Tweet about the “Crossover” Performer:

Jaxton Wheeler - Accused of Cyberbullying August Ames“August Ames would have had problems either way because she called out her “own agency” and was Blacklisted …… DIRECT QUOTE BELOW:

Original Excerpt From the 1HOUR mark to 1 HOUR: 45 SECOND mark

“The fact that within the same thing we were discussing, she decided to call out her own agency, who then let…her…go. Because of this tweet, so not only is the media trying to say that this is a 100% form of cyber bullying that took this girl, and they try to paint it as if she hadn’t already been dealing with issues, and the LGBT community comes in and says“ You won’t sleep with somebody that slept with somebody  gay we… must… get…. you” that  was not what was happening.  We were coming in and addressing, because, the way she was let go from that scene she went out and had  a hissy fit and made that tweet and she even regretted that tweet, but she left it up.”


During the interview we tried to verify this development in the story with our Industry Sources and were unable to before the end of Totally Inappropriate Radio that evening. Calls were made to additional sources for clarification.

The most immediate clarification was that AUGUST AMES WAS REPRESENTED BY FOXXX MODELING (@FOXXXMODELING), NOT LA DIRECT WHICH IS THE AGENCY REFERENCED IN THE ORIGINAL TWEET, she mentioned them because they represented someone else on that set, not August.

Sunday Evening (December 10th 2017), we had the opportunity to speak with Chris Caine, Owner of Foxxx Models (August Ames’s Agent from the beginning of her career) who said in an official statement to The Demon Seed Radio Network that once he was made aware of the fact that it was going to be a “Crossover” Male Performer who she was scheduled to work with, he “supported her decision 100% and agreed that it was entirely her decision as to who she wanted to perform with on film” Caine said in a phone interview with Bobby G. “The claims made by Jaxton Wheeler are 100% inaccurate and she was not dropped by Foxxx Models at any point whatsoever, we stood with her decision then and we certainly stand by her decision now”

Chris Caine went on to explain that “ We (Foxxx Models) did not even take her off of the website until I was notified by her family and was quietly asked to take it down or list her as unavailable until a statement could be made. The plan was for her family to originally release a statement via her social media… but the story broke faster then expected.”

He went on to further explain that she was also not fired from the set for causing a scene or a “hissy fit”.

“I wasn’t made aware of who her co-star was supposed to be until shortly before the shoot on (December 3rd 2017) at which point I let her know who he was. Neither one of us knew much about him so she did some research which is how we found out he was a “crossover” performer. With the short notice the studio was unable to replace the male, because as everyone knows this business is about the Female Performer but since the male talent pool was limited for the time they needed for this specific scene for whatever reason, they didn’t have a choice but to replace August on that one particular shoot… That was it.”

Caine finished the interview by stating that “ Look we support all of our models decisions when it comes to safety and their bodies, we supported August Ames 100%, she has been with us since day 1 of her career. I was there when she got off the plane from Canada to begin her career path, we have celebrated birthdays together over the past 4 years. There is no way she would have been dropped for something like this, we took her off the site out of respect for the families wishes.”

Thank you to Chris Caine and Foxxx Models for taking the time to speak with us and to clear this matter up as everyone continues to search for answers.

#RIP August Ames

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