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Hey Demonseed Fans!  We are Lacey & Jeff, a Tinder couple!  Yes folks, it’s true.  We met on Tinder.  It actually works.  Our story is definitely a good one.  From 3,000 miles apart, to living under the same roof.  From “normal” jobs to full-time Chaturbate cam-models.  Ya know, your typical 40-something couple who has become […]

Shelley has been working in the caring profession for over 25 years and has been a qualified, registered psychotherapist for more than 12. As an industry friendly therapist and close friend of Leya, she has been involved in the launch of Pineapple Support and is passionate in her belief that therapy and support should be […]

Born in the UK and a fetish lifestyler for almost 20 years, Leya has been in the adult industry for 8 years as a Dominatrix, fetish model and movie actress. She has recently founded a new charitable organisation, Pineapple Support, which has been put into place to help support and promote the positive mental health […]

Jessica Nova is your co-hostess with the mostest. Having been involved in multiple podcasts over the last 10 years, Jessica brings a sort of whimsical sarcasm to the podcast with her brutal honesty, no nonsense straight shooting and real world experience. Jessica is an avid cosplayer and model, having been involved in cosplay for over […]

When I started my law practice after years of school and training, I never would have imagined that one day I would be working exclusively with the owners of casinos, cruise ships, top entertainment companies – and their best clients. But, that is exactly what happened. I have always had a strong belief that individuals should be […]

Your Sexy Paralegal with an actual Adult Entertainment past With a zesty past in the adult industry, Kristen Cameron is still not done! She has a fiery side and an eagerness to chat about everything legal in the adult industry. Have a question about getting started? Need advice on how to legally hire talent? Don’t […]

PEDRO ‘CHONG’ CHORIZO Actor / Executive Producer BORN:1975, So I am young, but I still know shit. ABITITIES: Doggie style, producer, actor, director, pool guy, landscaper, boom operator, nipple icer, lotion boy, cook, towel boy, nipple piercer, camera man, mechanic, cabana boy, bondage trainer, S&M instructor, CPR, first aide, little league coach, A’s fan, […]

JOE ‘CHUY’ CHORIZO Actor / Executive Producer BORN:1969, Ya thats right, 69…. Hehe ABITITIES: Director, HEIGHT: 6’2 ′WEIGHT: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I’m f**king fat. I need to loose some f**king weight. I’m big f**king boned. Get over it already. SIGN: F**king Capricorn DIRECTOR OF OVER FIVE HUNDRED ADULT MOVIES, DIRECTOR HALL OF […]

Mr. Kris Steel is a podcast veteran. Kris is a member of “Big Gamers Small Talk” and formerly “Xbox Uncut”. Kris also hosted “The Keep It Raw Podcast” and a his solo show, “The Kris Steel Program”. Born and raised in rural southeast Michigan, with not much to do, Kris spent his days listening to music […]

Widely known as your favorite Creep! Your typical quirky girl next door. A creator of smut and a fetish enthusiast. You will be able to relate with at least one of my many personalities! I have been in the sex work industry for almost 3 years! I’ve experienced my fair share of life, love, and […]

When rainbows collided and glitter fell- this Majestic Ganja Unicorn was born! I am a stubborn Taurus who is still in love with the eighties. I grew up as a California Girl with a gypsy soul. I did every job you could imagine from dancing on bar tables to “I wanna fuck you like an […]

All great stories start in the beginning, which for me, would begin April 7th 1984. I had one older sister and a younger brother. My parents where married for a short while before they got divorced. I was born in Jacksonville, FL and grew up in California all my life. My childhood was a bit […]

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