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Monday 10:00 am 12:00 pm
SATURDAY 6:00 pm 8:00 pm

Hosted By Kimber Haven & The Bad Girl Mafia

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Why on earth would Demon Seed Radio give the notorious Badgirlmafia their own radio show? Well, your guess is as good as ours, but they went ahead and did it. It’s like taking the Pitbull off the chain. Now, they have a forum to talk about all the nasty things that can get you banned from most countries in the world. God Bless America! Only in America could two Transsexual Porn Stars and a Production Manager who moonlights as a Dominatrix get their own radio show. Want answers to your sexual questions from three completely unqualified whores whose only expertise is the amount of sex they’ve had? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Want to hear three disturbed sluts ask famous people in the porn world embarrassing questions and make them uncomfortable live on air? Yep…you found the show. So, tune in, sit back, and listen to the only show on the air that will make you feel like you need a shower afterwards. You might wonder why it’s called “The Totally Inappropriate Radio Show”? Well, tune in, and you will quickly know the answer.



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Totally Inappropriate Radio Show crew

What can you say about the Mafia Don of Badgirlmafia? She’s a seven foot tall transsexual ex-cage fighter turned porn star. Born without a filter, Kimber Haven says what’s on her mind and doesn't care who she makes uncomfortable. Barely able to tolerate her co-hosts both on and off air, she jumps into every show to say what is on her mind and you never know what’s going to come out of her mouth. Always opinionated and always inappropriate…well, that’s just Kimber.

Part-time Dominatrix and full-time Production Manager, Lexis Steel has the burden of being the babysitter of the group, and is the only one born with a vagina. She may try and keep Kimber and Raven in line, but that’s a job that’s too much to ask anyone. Easily annoyed with Kimber and Raven’s antics, Lexis keeps the show on track and corrals the girls to stay focused, while losing her mind doing so. She may be a bit of a bitch, but considering what she has to put up with, can you blame her?

The lovable airhead of the group and the punchline to many of Kimber’s jokes. She's sweet, bubbly, and always oblivious. Personifying the bimbo airhead porn star, Raven usually spends her time being the brunt of jokes from the other girls in the group and giggling and shaking her boobs. Although she may not always get all the jokes, you can count on Raven to giggle along as the other girls roll their eyes. When she does have a point to make…..well, plan on shaking your head as she tries to make it.

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