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What happens when you take two brothers with a super human love of pornography and the female form and let them loose on the internet with some audio gear and a wifi signal? You get THE CHORIZO BROTHERS, bringing you a weekly look into the the "Hot & Spicy" side of life as only these two assholes can do! Tune in as they interview pornstars and various other types of shady individuals each and every week!
Bobby Genital

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The Chorizo Brothers crew

JOE ‘CHUY’ CHORIZO Actor / Executive Producer BORN:1969, Ya thats right, 69…. Hehe ABITITIES: Director, HEIGHT: 6’2 ′WEIGHT: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I’m f**king fat. I need to loose some f**king weight. I’m big f**king boned. Get over it already. SIGN: F**king Capricorn DIRECTOR OF OVER FIVE HUNDRED ADULT MOVIES, DIRECTOR HALL OF […]

PEDRO ‘CHONG’ CHORIZO Actor / Executive Producer BORN:1975, So I am young, but I still know shit. ABITITIES: Doggie style, producer, actor, director, pool guy, landscaper, boom operator, nipple icer, lotion boy, cook, towel boy, nipple piercer, camera man, mechanic, cabana boy, bondage trainer, S&M instructor, CPR, first aide, little league coach, A’s fan, […]

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