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Strip Club Top 20

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The very best in Gentlemen's Clubs brought to you every Wednesday Night by the organization for DJ's by DJ's! Some of the hottest trending songs playing in clubs all across the world right now!

What is P.A.N.D.A.?

Professional Adult Nightclub DJ Association is a group of Adult Industry Professional DJs with the goal of building a network to share resources, teach best practices, and work with owners to improve individual businesses and our industry as a whole.

As an organization, there’s nothing else like PANDA. We bring together the collective experience of currently more than 600 Djs from clubs all over the country. As members of PANDA we strive to be the best we can be and are determined to set a standard for Professional Adult Nightclub DJs. We are committed to improving the performance and reputation of DJs as integral players in the success of a club.

The industry is changing and for many people that change brings a lot of uncertainty. We capitalize on the wisdom and “business sense” of PANDA members with decades of experience and an advisory board of other industry professionals and combine that with new and innovative ideas to keep our industry “fresh”.  PANDA then focuses on working with Owners and Management to implement these best practices in an ever changing economy.  In doing so, we work together to sustain the integrity and profitability of the industry that has served us all for so many years. By improving the quality of the DJ and their involvement in the success of the clubs they are working in, we improve the quality of the industry overall.


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