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Monday 8:00 pm 10:00 pm
Wednesday 12:00 pm 2:00 pm

Hosted By Jeff, Hazel, White Mike and Homeboy Sean

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Gross Misconduct Live is hosted by four asinine guys who have nothing better to do than laugh at the absurdity of the world. What started out as a two man podcast eventually grew to a four crew radio show by adding WhiteMike and later, Homeboy Sean.

Each show, they discuss a wide variety of daily topics, while sharing an un-PC perspective for an overly politically correct and sensitive world. Be ready for opinionated views that don't intend to offend, but quite possibly will. This guys hate hard (SOCCER) ... but love even harder (Ryan Driller). You never know what will happen each week!


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Gross Misconduct Live crew

Certainly part of the foundation of the asylum, Jdawgnuts, El Jefe, Big Sexy, Jeff, is the co-founder of the prestigious Gross Misconduct Live Radio Program. Possessing the entrepreneurial mind of Richard Branson and the physique of Baby Huey, GML's fearless leader is the hardest working member of this harmonious mayhem. Lifelong MI native, father, cousin and brother-in-law, logging an unhealthy amount of hours consuming adult entertainment, he is the engine that keeps the ship from getting all Titanic-y and frankly, we're all thankful, because if he didn't have this show, he'd probably be getting into a ton of weird shit.

Derelict, heathen, offensive, and clever: some of the many words used lovingly to describe Hazel, one of the founding members of Gross Misconduct Live. A grizzled product of the disarrayed streets of Flint, MI, Haze was no stranger to a life of complete disregard for personal health and safety, but would eventually graduate to becoming an unlikely contributor to society and an essential part of creating radio gold over the past several years. Keeping it in the family, this haggard old man is also the cousin of GML's other co-founder Jeff and is related to White Mike in some way that we didn't feel like taking the time to figure out. If for no other reason, all should tune in to get an insight into the mind of the complex Hazelnut.

An integral piece in the oddity that is Gross Misconduct Live, WhiteMike began his journey to radio stardom as simply a mere itch in GML Jeff's heated loins. You've assumed correctly: all this discussion about fecal matter, bizarre sex acts, personal experiences, and exploring disturbing hypothetical situations takes place between a young man and his father. He's soft-spoken, quiet, and not easily excitable, exactly what you want for the perfect radio show. The third piece of the GML puzzle is regularly sitting back, assessing opinions and taking in ideas before speaking on them, Caucasian Michael will be the first one to call bullshit on a story or its author seeking the un-handleable truth.

The last joining full-time member of Gross Misconduct Live, Homeboy Sean started out as a regular caller and fan of the show. After months of multiple contributions, Sean was welcomed to the show as the fourth member and is still lovingly billed as the "Ninth Beatle". There are only 4. You do the math. A natural over-thinker with signs of neurosis, he's been central in show topics such as self-fellatio, questionable bathroom habits, religion, baby eating, race, and of course, being one of an estimated 312 Americans who actually watch soccer. America's Homeboy is a lifelong native of the mid-Atlantic and his home state of Maryland is regarded as having the coolest flag of any in the United States. He’s had sex at least twice and lives with his wife who is constantly questioning most of her recent life decisions.

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