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HOSTED BY Alora Jaymes and Jessica Nova

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The MyGeekGoddess Podcast takes the co-owner of MyGeekGoddess, Jessica Nova, and one of the latest debuting models, Alora Jaymes, and provides a space for them to talk about Female Empowerment, Sex, and embracing your nerdy sexy needs… and who would win in a fight- Sailor Moon vs Wolverine?

There’s no question in today’s world if nerds are sexy or not… everyone knows intelligence is the new sexy. But sexy nerd girls are often portrayed as all sex and no brain and we’re here to change that!
Each week we will challenge your mind with how being a sex working nerdy female shapes our daily lives and the lives of those around us, as well as entertain you with the latest in Nerdy News, including convention coverage, what we are currently geeking out over, and more!
Pledging to create an interactive show with games and audience questions for the male and female nerd alike!

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My Geek Goddess Podcast crew

Alora Jaymes is a HIGH-spirited young Dragon individual! She loves all games from board to video! She loves sweets so that’s probably why she’s super sweet…it’s in her blood 😉 She’s very RANDOM…but hey,  IT’S FUNNY AS FUCK! XD One of Alora’s favorite fetishes is Spanking! She loves to have her Sweet Georgia Peach spanked, […]

Jessica Nova is your co-hostess with the mostest. Having been involved in multiple podcasts over the last 10 years, Jessica brings a sort of whimsical sarcasm to the podcast with her brutal honesty, no nonsense straight shooting and real world experience. Jessica is an avid cosplayer and model, having been involved in cosplay for over […]

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