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Hosted By Charlotte Rose and Colin L. Chapman

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Charlotte Rose, started in the Sex Industry in 1997 and has been at the forefront of the industry ever since. Charlotte has so many talents, from world renown protests to regular TV appearances in documentaries and news interviews  Charlotte supports the sex industry and is working to raise awareness for the decriminalisation of sex work. She shares her message through her weekly radio show, which you can tune in every Monday.
They currently air in the UK every Monday from 9pm till 11pm and in the US 4pm till 6pm here in the United States. The show has grown and evolved in the last 3 years, to become a valued part of the UK Adult industry, creating an honest, fun and diverse approach to an 'Adult Talk' radio show.
  • In the news…Current or relevant sex related news articles.
  • Sound of the week…A mystery sound for listeners to ponder on and interact with on social media.
  • Poll question…the debate question is always popular and provokes debate both on the show and on social media for the next week or so.
  • Animal corner…a cheeky look at how the animal kingdom behaves (or misbehaves!)
  • One for the boys, or one for the girls…rotated weekly, this is aimed at good news for him or her.
  • Colin’s colossal crap…trivia, fact or myth? A fun look at some of the internets finest crap!
  • Ecliptic choice of new and old music…including at least one filthy muse for Pippy Longstocking (the most loyal listener).
  • Charlies Live Lounge for up and coming artists to show case their music.
  • Dead or alive…where Charlotte regularly kills of the odd living celebrity.
  • International flirts – international chat up lines of the week…guess whats the language and guess the meaning.
  • Interviews…either pre-recorded or live, the guests tend to air their views on a news related features or up and coming event.

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The Charlotte Rose Show crew

My life as a politician started mid 2014, because I wanted to stand up and speak for the people who are being discriminated against, the people without a voice, especially the elderly and disabled. I feel that there are too many politicians who only worry about the economy and not about the people who generate that economy.  The elderly and disabled are also entitled to have a voice and be heard. Sex is something that is overlooked in political campaigns because it is frowned upon, yet it is the true culture that brings us into this world and culminates in family, which is a fundamental part of life and living life.

With Co-Host Colin Chapman, the show is surely to exceed your imagination. Published author of violent, sexy crime thrillers. Featured in the Mayfair magazine and not forgetting appearances on TV/film. Colin Chapman is The Red Dragon Fire performer.

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