Popping Seeds and FingerBlasting Plugs

Written by on March 16, 2018

Hello! This is Marilyn High. Today it has been raining in sunny California- but staying in just gives us more time to smoke and fuck. J-Blaze and I sipped on some hot chocolate listening to the rain, while smoking some Dank Tahoe OG. We passed the time by checking out Belladonna: It’s all about Cock 8 disc series and we Loved it! She’s an amazing performer and director! We also had some fun planting cannabis seeds with my fool proof seed popping technique was discussed on our last episode- check it out! I used Canna nutrient Canna-Start and some Root Riot Plugs to start my ladies. Always make sure to make the hole a little bigger in the plug for the seeds. I recommend a quick fingerblast. I checked them today and we have little stems and leaves appearing. So excited to see these ladies blossom into beautiful dank goddesses. Our strains we picked for this grow are Sherbert, Girl Scout Cookies, and some Fire Red Opium and LSD cross. We will keep you updated on how our grow goes.  Make sure to tune in this Saturday from 4-6 pm EST on the Demon Seed Network for your Adult Entertainment News, Porn Star Interviews, Cannabis Tips and Reviews, and gaming addictions! This week will be discussing watering systems and Lights!

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