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The views and opinions discussed on tonights episode of TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE RADIO are those of the Hosts, callers and guests and not that of THE DEMON SEED RADIO NETWORK, it’s staff, sponsors, or third party associates.

We as a Network share in the hurt and rage that is being felt in the wake of the August Ames Tragedy and send our most sincere condolences to all of her friends, family and associates… While the social media exchanges may have begun as an attempt to “educate against misinformation”  sadly this message was lost in the mess of vicious personal attacks from multiple parties.  

The Demon Seed Radio Network will always stand for Performer Rights, Protection and Equality but at the very core of this situation is the one rule that we must always adhere to at the very core of what performers in this industry do every day…. Regardless of Personal Beliefs about Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Political and Religious Beliefs,

 NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TELL A PERFORMER WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR BODY. At any point, for any reason. If no means no then that must be respected in all aspects of society. No-Lists exist and it’s no ones place to ask why.

It is the very core of the Consent Debate and a basic human right. 

The issue at hand now is Cyberbullying and the terrible effects it can have on an individual. We should be focusing on how to heal as an industry, and while we can’t always control what the fans do, we can set the proper example by not jumping into the muck with them and perpetuating a lot of the things we fight against from mainstream sources. 

At the end of the day THE DEMON SEED RADIO NETWORK is a News Organization, one that believes in covering complete stories in a non-bias way, not taking any specific sides in any matter not just this matter.

We have reached out to many of the individuals involved in the twitter situation and will be attaching Jessica Drakes Official Statement to this post as well in an effort to hear her out as well in a way that rises above the shouting.

Somethings, however, are indefensible and tonights episode of TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE RADIO will explore that concept head on. Opinions are very different from insinuating self harm of any kind.

If anyone would like to also have their voice heard in this situation and can do so in a civil and informed manner (stop the cycle of bullying) then we will be more then happy to arrange for that to occur. 


The National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255) provides 24/7 free and confidential support for people in distress, as well as crisis resources and best practices for professionals.

#RIP August Ames

Bobby G

Program Director

The Demon Seed Radio Network


performer/writer/director @thejessicadrake PUBLIC STATEMENT AS IT WAS POSTED ON TWITTER. 

Bobby Genital

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