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Written by on March 27, 2018

Did you miss the radio show today? Well you’re in luck! I’m going to start posting a run down of the show we just aired as a blog. Get the highlights here or go check out the recorded show later in the week for the details.

Tonight on BratDollsRadio.com you heard Brat Dolls Dakota Charms and Anabelle Pync answered questions they got from fans who used the hashtag #BratDollsLive live on the radio. Do you have an idea for the show or just something you would like to hear us talk about? You can also email us at BratDollsOfAtlanta@gmail.com

This week on the radio show we talked about Anabelle’s birthday party. They hiked up 1200 steps and fed meat hungry men banana dogs.

Anabelle and Dakota are going to NEW YORK CITY to beat a guys ass! (He asks for it.) hehe

We’re behind on customs and WE’RE SORRY! PLEASE FORGIVE US!

We explained the custom video ordering process.

  1. Know your performer
  2. How long do you want the video?
  3. Have you seen this model act out the fetish you want before?
  4. What is your fetish?
  5. Which Models do you want in your clip?
  6. Is there a script or basic idea to follow?
  7. Are there props needed? (Be prepared to buy anything special)

Look out for new scenes from @DoubleGshoots and @AnabellePync They are shooting together next week.

Anabelle Pync, Dakota Charms, and WHITNEY MORGAN @MsWhitneyMorgan are going to see Marilyn Mason and Rob Zombie together in Atlanta in August! Book your customs with Whitney now!

Brittany Charms (Dakota’s sister) is home from school and shooting customs with the Brat Dolls.
Brittany gets an email from a guy with a Cannibalism fetish. Dakota describes this guys fetish as they try to understand the mind of a cannibal.

Shout out to DoubleD Cannabis Review Show for their awesome work. They’re giving stuff away! Go check it out.

We should do a giveaway!

You’ll have to tune in next Tuesday to find out what we decide to give away.

Thank you Demon Seed Radio Network for letting us be here!

Anabelle Pync

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