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Written by on April 3, 2018

Here’s what you missed…


Brat Dolls Radio

Hello everyone. You’ve tuned-in to Brat Dolls Radio with Me Anabelle Pync and “ me Dakota Charms”.

THANK YOU DEMON SEED RADIO NETWORK for having us and THANK YOU SPUNK LUBE for keep us wet, PORN THE GAME for keeping it fun, and THE LOVE GLOVE for helping us clean up the mess.

Have a Question you’ve been wanting to ask us?

CHAT TO US LIVE DURING THE SHOW BY tweeting with the HASHTAG #BratDollsLive and we’ll comment on it during the show.

Or email us at BratDollsOfAtlanta@gmail.com with your show suggestions.

  • It’s Dakota Charms Birthday Month! Anabelle gives Dakota her first Birthday present live on air. It’s a pink on the go tripod!
  • It’s Feeding Time: Dakota and Anabelle talk about what they ate for dinner and all week.
  • Amazon Reviews: Dakota gives a review on her new heating pad and Anabelle tells everyone about the new pregnancy pillow.
  • Wall of Shame: Anabelle talks about the creepy photographer at her Saturday shoot and reads texts from an asshole begging to shoot with her. Dakota talks about this guy who ripped her and MANY other girls off by stealing their content and selling it as their own.
  • News: Anabelle and Dakota give you an update on a bill recently passed by Congress called FOSTA/SESTA that criminalizes any platform where sexual content could be placed, where trafficking could occur.
  • Contest: The girls ask the audience a question they would only know if they were paying close attention and get a winner via Twitter by answering with the hashtag #BratDollsLive The winner gets to pick from a custom video, Skype call, socks, panties, and they can even make up whatever prize they want! As long as it’s fun for all of course.

Shout out to DoubleD Cannabis Review Show for their awesome work.

Tune in next week to find out what we’re giving away. Tuesday 6pm Eastern 3pm Pacific

Thank you Demon Seed Radio Network for having us!


Anabelle Pync

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