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Siren’s Sexy Secrets

Hosted By Wayne & Dee Siren

Wayne Siren is the Co-Owner and Producer/Director for SirenXXXStudios based in Houston Texas. Wayne attended the University of Texas in San Antonio with a degree in Information Systems. He worked as a systems analyst in several businesses before leaving his previous career and entering the adult industry along with his wife Dee Siren. Both were avid swingers prior to starting their careers in the adult entertainment industry and Wayne has always had a knack for being the photographer/videographer at any of their special events. In 2010, Wayne and Dee established their first website Mrssiren.com which followed all of Dee’s Hotwife adventures as Wayne filmed them from his perspective as her husband. The individual website has now expanded into a network of sites encompasses under SirenXXXStudios.com. Wayne and Dee’s studio is known for filming “real women who love real sex”.  Wayne is very interactive with fans of his wife and himself and chats with them through several different sources. 
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