Marilyn High / Co-Host Double D: Cannabis Review Show

When rainbows collided and glitter fell- this Majestic Ganja Unicorn was born! I am a stubborn Taurus who is still in love with the eighties. I grew up as a California Girl with a gypsy soul. I did every job you could imagine from dancing on bar tables to “I wanna fuck you like an animal” to taking peoples X-Rays. I finally got my wings and joined the Navy as a Cryptologist.

Wow was that an adventure! I ended up getting really sick with Cancer and Meningitis in the Navy. I sparkle way too much to fizzle out though. I was on 16 different Medications and medically retired from the Navy. I used this opportunity to reinvent myself as who I truely am- Me.

I found Cannabis as my savior. I used Full Extract Cannabis Oil to cure my cancer and every other problem I had. I survived and I dedicated my life to cannabis. I took all my rainbow energy and put it into the industry. I grow, procure, extract, and practice alternative medicine.

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