JW Ties / Co-Host - Taboo Fetish Talk

When Sydney Screams left her Co-hosting position with Taboo Fetish Talk in 2014 Whitney decided to reach out to friend and fellow fetishist JW TIES who was shooting mostly Bondage content at that time…. The rest is as they say “History”


Most of you ask what man wouldn’t enjoy naked women walking around my house, tying them up, smacking their ass, forcing them to orgasm, tickling them (or on occassion, them tickling me), watching them shower, watching them tickle, torture, spank, and force other women to orgasm??? Yeah, not many men could say they wouldn’t enjoy that, but I’ve discovered making a living in fetish porn takes a lot of work too.

Desperate Pleasures actually started when I  lost my career as a tradesman. With nothing more than amateur photography experience to fall back on, my wife and I started making fetish clips for Clips4Sale. DesperatePleasures.com was built to put all of our content in one place for our fans.  Through trial and error, we developed a following that grew our business slowly until my mother-in-law suggested we try our hand in Taboo Porn.

We started recruiting amateur talent for “incest role-play” and things started going crazy and the next thing you know we shot a taboo deflowering video with an actual virgin and decided to do a DVD line.


Bobby Genital

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