Homeboy Sean / Co-Host - Gross Misconduct Live

The last joining full-time member of Gross Misconduct Live, Homeboy Sean started out as a regular caller and fan of the show. After months of multiple contributions, Sean was welcomed to the show as the fourth member and is still lovingly billed as the “Ninth Beatle”. There are only 4. You do the math. A natural over-thinker with signs of neurosis, he’s been central in show topics such as self-fellatio, questionable bathroom habits, religion, baby eating, race, and of course, being one of an estimated 312 Americans who actually watch soccer. America’s Homeboy is a lifelong native of the mid-Atlantic and his home state of Maryland is regarded as having the coolest flag of any in the United States. He’s had sex at least twice and lives with his wife who is constantly questioning most of her recent life decisions.

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