Gross Misconduct Live / Gross Misconduct Live


Gross Misconduct Live is hosted by a group of opinionated knuckleheads. Each week is two hours of asinine talk between four family members. The original three of the GML crew, from Flint, Michigan added the final piece of the puzzle in 2015 with Homeboy Sean barking his two cents by way of internet from Maryland. Each show, Jeff, Mike, WhiteMike and Homeboy Sean will be discussing a wide variety of daily topics, while sharing an un-PC perspective for an overly politically correct, sensitive world. 

Be ready for opinionated views that don’t necessarily intend to offend, but quite possibly will.

Join the conversation each week with the GML Crew. Jeff, Mike, WhiteMike & Homeboy Sean will be taking your calls to discuss anything that’s on your mind. Have your opinion heard. Nothing is off topic and we tell it like it is.

You want the truth? …YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!


Studio Line: 248-956-0962

Gross Misconduct Live can be heard LIVE every Monday for 2 hours from 8:15pm-10:15pm EST. on the Demon Seed Radio Network.


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