Dominey Drew / Host - Radical Intimacy

I have spent 14 years intensively studying energy awareness and transformation work, and I am a poster child for its success. From my physical body to the relationships in my life, to my daily outlook, I am unrecognizable from when I began. After so much experience and training, I can confidently tell you that if you are willing to be honest with yourself, you can turn yourself around and experience the success and fulfillment you’ve always longed for.

Why focus on singles and intimacy?

Sexual Energy is one of my favorite things in life. I am drawn to it in all its forms – not only sex and relationships but also the subtleties of dating, flirtation, seduction, suggestion… I revel in its richness, and I respect its authenticity.

The overlapping of the sexual and the spiritual has always fascinated me. I chose to study it academically, getting my master’s in Transpersonal Psychology (the psychology of the spiritual experience). I took the opportunity to write my dissertation on how sexual practices many consider deviant, such as fetishes, can be used for healing and personal growth.

It is so common for people to shut this beautiful energy down in themselves, and I used to be no different. For most of my life, my sexuality was severely limited until I learned to unleash and embrace my life force in all it’s glory. Now my passion is helping you to do the same.

I have a natural ability to see where people are blocking themselves. In a way, I listen, and wait to hear the soul speak, through the layers of story and ego. This may be why people always have always come to me with their problems, even from a young age. Even now, I am often approached by strangers and within minutes they’re telling me their deepest struggles and saying, “Wow, I don’t know why I’m telling you this, I’ve never told this to anyone!” – And that’s without me even asking!

Now, I use this gift to help people meet the right person, and open to deeper intimacy in themselves and others.

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