Dakota Charms / Co-Host - Brat Dolls Radio

What can we say about Dakota? Well she is a brat! Okay I have to admit she is cute, funny, and knows her way around a dick, but she can be a BRAT too! I mean some of her favorite fetishes are Ball Busting, Small Penis Humiliation and Giantess(and you know how that ends! Do you want to be eaten or crushed?!?!). Dakota is a huge tease and who doesn’t like a tease? Talk about addictive! She loves to play games especially if it puts you in a uncomfortable spot. Mwahahaha! This little fun-box will keep you on your toes with her mischievous allure… 😉

Dakota’s favorite fetishes are Small Penis Humiliation and Ball Busting! She’s an Evil Little Demon Fairy isn’t she?!?!

She loves Zebras and Unicorns. She has things in those prints ALL over her house!

Dakota also LOVES horror films!! Kinda makes sense her fetishes are Yelling and Fucking shit up now doesn’t it?!?!

Dakota’s favorite food is Mac ’N Cheese!! Probably because she loves how creamy and thick it is. 😉

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