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My life as a politician started mid 2014, because I wanted to stand up and speak for the people who are being discriminated against, the people without a voice, especially the elderly and disabled.

I feel that there are too many politicians who only worry about the economy and not about the people who generate that economy.  The elderly and disabled are also entitled to have a voice and be heard.

Sex is something that is overlooked in political campaigns because it is frowned upon, yet it is the true culture that brings us into this world and culminates in family, which is a fundamental part of life and living life.

Why is it that this small but vital part of our lives is so overlooked?  Is it because the media and propaganda surrounding sex is blown out of proportion?  I feel that many things in our lives are overlooked because people in general are too scared to talk about it, in fear that they may be judged.

I want to be the voice for those who are afraid to be heard, I want to be the mechanism to let yourself be heard.

During my time as a politician, I have promoted and hosted a few protests which go hand in hand with my beliefs, such as the #PornProtest which was widely publicised in the media around the UK and Worldwide.

I have had the opportunity to express my views and had over 300 people join in the protest outside the Parliament building in London, where we displayed our freedom and voiced our concerns with the government and how bylaws are put in place or amended without the consent of the public.

There are a many newspaper articles and videos that you can have a look through to see how I have been assisting people in getting their voices heard!  I attended 58 interviews in one day for the #PornProtest

The answer, for anyone who dares think otherwise is: absolutely. Yes. For the new anti-porn regulations censor people without consent. Nobody has the right to take away peoples personal liberties or personal choice.



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