Bobby Genital / Program Director / Host - Demon Seed Radio

President of Demon Seed Productions and host of our program, Bobby Genital chose his name because of his love for the legendary Hip-Hop group Wu-Tang Clan. Their leader was often known as “Bobby Digital” who was a master of the 1’s and 2’s (DJ talk for music production) and our Bobby is a master of the “Tits” and “Ass”.  Bobby has held many jobs during his quest for Adult Film domination which have all lead to this project in the grand scheme of things. He spent almost 10 years in commercial radio working as “on-air” talent for a Talk Radio station, a member of the Production Team as well as a spot with the Promotions Department. In that time frame he also was moonlighting as a Strip Club DJ in some of the largest and wildest clubs in the Sunshine State. With a knack for marketing, radio experience and a way with strippers… it has all culminated in this project. While Bobby may be our fearless leader, no show will succeed without a dedicated team…

Bobby Genital

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