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Blind Adam is a comedian, film maker, comic book retailer, content provider and podcaster who is ninety percent blind and suffers from rare eye condition. Adam has two loves of his life since the age of 16, comic books and girls!

His love for comic books all began in High School, during a bout of depression over the deterioration of his vision a blonde girl in a wheelchair by the name of Katie smacked him on the shoulder and asked him why he was crying. She gave him a hug and a copy of daredevil #168 with the advice of “look there is a blind super hero and I don’t want you to feel sorry for yourself!” He decided to take her advice to heart. Over the last thirty plus years I would work long and hard to do what my friend Katie told me, I would try not to feel sorry for myself and now I live by a simple saying “You don’t need sight to have a vision.”

Adams’ Claim to fame is .On December 12th 2003. Adam lost his virginity on the Howard stern show to (Fellow Demon Seed Radio Network Hostess) Rebecca Love and Carissa kisses. That was the day Adam become Blind Adam the “comic pimp”. Adam knew from that day that he wanted to make porn and own a comic book store .

Adam started the Awesome Sauce ComiXXX podcast in 2015 on you tube with over 398 episodes. In 2018 Adam started his clips4sale store by filming his first scene with (Also fellow Demon Seed Radio Network Hostess) Julie Rocket , the scene is called my best friend’s birthday, coming soon!

Adam has a fuck it list. This is a list of things Adam wants to see, do and fuck before he goes totally blind,  always adding things as well as crossing things off this list 

The list as follows 

1. Go to the bunny ranch and interview Sunny Lane  (maybe toss in a blow job as well)  plus eat her pussy the pussy while she is wearing a batgirl or super girl costume!

2. Go to San Diego comic-con with a booth and hire April O’Neal to work as a cos player 

3. Eat pizza with Ginger Lynn Allen and then eat her pussy 

4. Finally keep my promise to my friend Katie open a sexy, cool comic book store 

5. Eat ice cream cake off the tits of as many girls as possible 

6. Find a big titty, heart shaped ass blind girl and see if she wants to become a porn star. 

That is the short list 

Almost forgot one 

To have a fun, sexy and nerd core show on Demon Seed Radio, I guess I can now cross that off the list.

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