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When rainbows collided and glitter fell- this Majestic Ganja Unicorn was born! I am a stubborn Taurus who is still in love with the eighties. I grew up as a California Girl with a gypsy soul. I did every job you could imagine from dancing on bar tables to “I wanna fuck you like an […]

All great stories start in the beginning, which for me, would begin April 7th 1984. I had one older sister and a younger brother. My parents where married for a short while before they got divorced. I was born in Jacksonville, FL and grew up in California all my life. My childhood was a bit […]

The world’s first adult entertainment, Marijuana and video game review show. Get the hottest adult industry news while smoking todays recommended strain live with J’Blaze and Marilyn High. Tune in every Saturday from 4pm – 6pm EST. Catch the weekly 420 smoke out and have some of leading stars of the adult industry join in […]

The last joining full-time member of Gross Misconduct Live, Homeboy Sean started out as a regular caller and fan of the show. After months of multiple contributions, Sean was welcomed to the show as the fourth member and is still lovingly billed as the “Ninth Beatle”. There are only 4. You do the math. A […]

An integral piece in the oddity that is Gross Misconduct Live, WhiteMike began his journey to radio stardom as simply a mere itch in GML Jeff’s heated loins. You’ve assumed correctly: all this discussion about fecal matter, bizarre sex acts, personal experiences, and exploring disturbing hypothetical situations takes place between a young man and his […]

Derelict, heathen, offensive, and clever: some of the many words used lovingly to describe Hazel, one of the founding members of Gross Misconduct Live. A grizzled product of the disarrayed streets of Flint, MI, Haze was no stranger to a life of complete disregard for personal health and safety, but would eventually graduate to becoming […]

Certainly part of the foundation of the asylum, Jdawgnuts, El Jefe, Big Sexy, Jeff, is the co-founder of the prestigious Gross Misconduct Live Radio Program. Possessing the entrepreneurial mind of Richard Branson and the physique of Baby Huey, GML’s fearless leader is the hardest working member of this harmonious mayhem. Lifelong MI native, father, cousin and brother-in-law, logging an […]

Meet Brittany Shae! This bubbly Brat always has a smile on her face, but don’t let that fool you! Brittany can be extremely bratty with a side of sweet. You will be at her feet worshiping in no time! You probably have seen her bootylious ass. She can not only twerk up a storm with […]

Anabelle is the girl next door you have always admired. This beauty is sweet,smart and She loves what she does and I bet you do too 😉 Have you met the Foot Fetish Queen? Well I must say she is amazing! The most purrrfect feet in the world 🙂 But don’t be fooled she’s not […]

Rebecca was a former Sex Toy sales rep for several years & a business manager for multi-million dollar companies, before becoming a Registered Nurse. Mark calls her “The Hot One” of the show. With her sultry voice & eyes that make men melt, Rebecca definitely gets noticed & brings a special magic to the show.  […]

Mark spent 20+ years touring as a Rock Drummer, blowing out people’s eardrums & drew the attention of record labels in Nashville TN. Then, after retiring from the music business he became a dating coach, and still teaches guys & girls how to effectively meet & attract their potential partners. He’s now married to his […]

What can we say about Dakota? Well she is a brat! Okay I have to admit she is cute, funny, and knows her way around a dick, but she can be a BRAT too! I mean some of her favorite fetishes are Ball Busting, Small Penis Humiliation and Giantess(and you know how that ends! Do […]

The Demon Seed Radio Network

The Demon Seed Radio Network

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