I’m turning Dakota.. Lez Be Honest.

Written by on January 12, 2018

Our Hour Long Make Out and Grope Sesh.

So Dakota calls me up and says she’s got this hour long custom video. Do I want to do it. Of course I did! We always have so much fun shooting. We shoot giantess videos, damsel in distress videos, femdom, SPH, JOI, and ever other fetish you can think of all the time. So when I got to Dakota’s studio and she told me it was a girl on girl scene I was super excited and a little surprised. I’ve secretly been waiting to get another intimate scene with Dakota. It had been FOREVR since we got to fool around. And the scene was made for us! It was just “coincidentally” about best friends who fall in love and live happily ever after.

The scene started out where I’m thanking Dakota, my lifelong friend for letting me stay at her house while my plumbing is being fixed. We have to share this little bed. We sit there reminiscing about the good old times when we sh ared each others panties at summer camp. We slowly move closer and closer. Then I looked up into her eyes. It was like we were meant to share a bed tonight. I don’t know what it was, but I swear all of a sudden I realized this wasn’t a custom video! This was really how Dakota felt! She had always wanted to be with me and thought it would be fun to show me this way! She didn’t say all that, but I know it’s true! We started to kiss. Her lips are so soft. It felt so natural. She kissed me so slowly and sensually at first all the while running her fingers slowly all over my body. Then it was like she couldn’t wait and she grabbed my boobs like she had wanted to do it forever! It felt so good. She squeezed my boobs almost making me cum from how she grabbed my nipples. She shoved her tongue down my throat and it was all over. WE MADE OUT AND GROPED EACH OTHER FOR AN HOUR!


It was amazing. I’ve got to go know. Our computer time is over. I jacked Dakota’s blog. I’ll log on to mine next time so look out.






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