Dakota’s Water Aerobic Class

Written by on February 21, 2018


Guess what I did today!?! Water aerobics! I went with one of my vanilla girlfriends. It’s way more intense then I thought it would be! lol Me and my friend were joking about how its a old lady class and sure enough there was older women in the class and we were the youngest with of course the most showing skin bikinis! everyone else had on one pieces, which was a good thing ;-). We ended up making it through the whole class. It was intense! We went to the locker room showers to rinse off. Keep in mind these shower curtains have a clear film you can just look at any naked woman taking a shower. Well I took off my bikini and my braids and got all washed off. turned off water. Got my towel and looked at my friend in her shower next to me. she tells me to come behind the shower curtain. I do and to my surprise….. She is on a web caming AP! She’s like”i’m in private” hahaha and of course my animal in-stinks came over me and I flashed my tits, pussy and ass. I leave the shower and let her do her thing. I goto locker room take off my towel and there are 4 older woman doing the same thing. welp I tried to put my clothes on as fast as possible I could feel them staring lol. My friend came back smiling and told me while she was in the shower when I left. A woman looked through her shower curtain and saw her naughty thing she was doing! I think she should of asked her to join lol.

Well that was one thing that I wanted to share with you! 😀 lol



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