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Having children when working in the industry poses numerous questions about exactly how open you should be out your career, with both your children and the others in their lives. Our guests this week talk about how they have tackled the topic with their children and the backlash from society. If you have been affected […]

This topic is one that is of huge interest to both of the shows hosts and their excitement is more than clear from the very beginning. Both Buck and Kacy share their experience changing gender and society’s view on trans people. This is an extremely insightful show for anyone who is curious about the process […]

Original Air Date: 08/12/2018 – Live from FetishCon 2018 in Tampa Florida – A show that was originally meant to be discussing the incredibly important topic of bullying and still touches on the topic occasionally. The Fetishcon convention floor was not it appears the right arena for seriousness. Eventually host Leya Tanit goes with the […]

2018 Midterm Election The 2018 elections are going to be the most important midterms in a generation! Find out how you can make your voice heard this year by checking your state’s primary and general election dates and your deadline to register to vote. If you haven’t registered yet, take two minutes and register to vote. […]

Here’s what you missed Tuesday, April 24th 2018… Shout out to DEMON SEED RADIO NETWORK for having us. THANK YOU SPUNK LUBE for keeping us wet, PORN THE GAME for keeping it fun, and THE LOVE GLOVE for helping us clean up the mess. CHAT TO US LIVE DURING THE SHOW BY tweeting with the HASHTAG […]

What does FOSTA/SESTA mean for us? If you like porn, hook up sites, sexual freedom, sex workers rights, making Skype calls, having privacy in your Google Drive, or just having free speech on the internet, you gotta pay attention what is happening in government. FOSTA/SESTA recently passes through Congress. Essentially, it criminalizes any platform where sexual […]

      Hey guys! Anabelle here. I just thought I would pop on and say hi. I’m so behind on blogging… and everything else! I figured I would start by telling you about my first AVN Vegas trip. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to this trip. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the adult […]

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January 24, 2018

So ever since my move from the sweet warmth of southern Texas to the brisk cold of Indiana, I have undergone some major changes. Like actually wearing cloths!! I never realized how brutal this weather can really get, and I am not liking it. However I am enjoying my new roommates, my job, and my […]

Come meet us at the Coxxx Models/Royal Empire Productions Booth! WHERE: The Joint DAY: Friday, (1/26/18) TIME:12pm-2pm We will be doing our show live at the Booth 😀

This episode is an extremely unique one, an episode that we have not only had to handle delicately but there was great debate whether to even let the interview happen out of respect for August Ames and her family members most affected by this tragedy. Once we sat down and had a conversation about the size of the […]

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