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Air Date:  Saturday, February 17 8:00 PM EST Duration 1 hs 59 mins Season 1 Episode 8   SPECIAL GUEST HOST: Mistress Pimpstress Thick (   An open conversation about: STALKING Tonight’s topic is one that comes with confusion for many. STALKING? What is stalking? In today’s age of technology and internet the ability to […]

Air Date Saturday, February 10 8:00 PM Duration 1 hs 54 mins Season 1 Episode 7 Harmony White guest hosts & Musical Spotlight Gulf Coast Balla interview We are discussing “Would you support your daughter doing porn?” Most parent’s nightmare, when your daughter shares her decision to get into the porn industry. Is it hypocritical […]

AVN 2018 was off the chain as it always is.  I am going to highlight the high’s the low’s and definitely discuss the transition into a new era of the adult industry. SATURDAY FEBRUARY 3, 2018 8pm est – 10pm est TONIGHT’S TOPIC:  Would you support your daughter if she was to share her desire […]

After a long hiatus, the return of Platinum Puzzy Radio finally arrived!  Jumping right in as if I never skipped a beat, I went straight for the neck and discussed the adult industry awards.  Announcing the 2018 Adult Webcam Awards winners, I talked about my opinion of the industry awards and what I feel the […]

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