Brooke Bliss July 11th Show :-D

Written by on July 14, 2018

A big thank you to DEMON SEED RADIO NETWORK for putting up with us, SPUNK LUBE for keeping us wet, PORN THE GAME for keeping it fun, and THE LOVE GLOVE for helping us clean up the mess!
I hope you were able to listen to our July 11th show.  Brittany Shae (@BrittanyxShae on Twitter) visited along with a special guest, Brooke Bliss (@TheBrookeBliss on Twitter)!
We started the show with typical “girl talk,” about custom clips and glory holes.  You know, just what every other girl discusses with her friends in their spare time.  Brooke then shared stories from her three years in the industry (three years this month!), about people who think porn is real, and about being in a sorority when they discover you’ve done porn.
Brooke and I filmed some custom clips before the show, including SPH, foot fetish, and balloons.  My mom (who doesn’t know that I’m in the industry), surprised us by stopping by just as Brooke and I were filming a clip about magically transforming our cheating boyfriend into a donkey – we changed him into a literal jackass!
I don’t know what my mom actually heard, but i was able to send her on her way without, hopefully, being any wiser about the fetish world.
We also had a mystery guest.  My former sister-in-law, Pepper, joined our show and we discussed a recent trip and how one of our group couldn’t understand that Pepper just wasn’t into him.
We celebrated Brittany’s birthday on the show and she opened some of her presents.  Her birthday isn’t until this weekend, guys, so there is still time to show her this month how much you appreciate her.  You can send her something by going to her Twitter page (@BrittanyxShae) and following the link to her wishlist.
Brooke’s birthday is in August, so you have time to show your appreciation for her, too!  The link to her wishlist is also on her Twitter Page (@TheBrookeBliss).
Our discussions went from the importance of hygiene in the industry (especially when filming with others!),
 webcamming, and about benefits of vibrators vs. Tinder dating vs. a Sybian.
Tune-in to our future podcasts, because you never know what you might miss!
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