Alix Lovell

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Alix Lovell

We immediately fell in love with the lovely Alix Lovell.  A newcomer to the porn scene has worked hard to be on the front line of porn.  Alix had a modest, conservative beginning to life, but has since discovered herself and pushed her own limits to become the incredible vixen she is today.

Meet Alix

Alix grew up in a small town in Southern California.  She grew up with a family who was deeply rooted in their church and she worked for the church for 3 years.  So how does this small town girl who lost her virginity at 18 to a guy she was in love with and in a long term relationship with cross over into the porn world you might ask.  Alix has always been aware of her sexual side and decided getting paid for something she enjoyed doing was a smart move.

She wasn’t always a temptress in the sheets.  Alix reported after her 3 year relationship ended with her first love she wasn’t feeling like she was a very good lay and thought maybe sex was overrated.  But after a sexy, slutty journey Alix started to awaken her sexual side again.  She reports not knowing the exact numbers collected during this journey but she estimates around 20 men and 10 women.  Alix states that she was able to discover her sexuality and this aided in her starting her career in porn.


How Her Career in Porn Started

Alix was also long time best friends with Hayden Winter, a porn actress who had recently gotten out of the scene when Alix started in porn.  Hayden’s story jumped started Alix’s courage to be able to make the leap into porn.

Lovell’s personal journey into porn wasn’t an overnight Cinderella success story.  She first moved to LA, got an agent and shot a couple of scenes.  After, things didn’t pan out with her first agent Alix took a hiatus from the scene and moved back home with her parents.  Being home only fueled her return to LA.  So, with a new agent, (Shy Love, Operator at The VIP Connect) Alix hit the industry even harder this time.


Her First Scene

Alix didn’t have the normal jitters.  Being worried about her body, or how she would perform sexually.  Instead she was worried about how to overcome the memorizing of the lines and the acting portion.  Lovell felt comfortable in her own skin and was ready to have sex on camera but in her first scene at Net Video Girls, she was given 30 minutes of dialogue and no script.


Noteworthy Co-stars

Nathan Bronson, Nina Hartley, Jay Taylor, Draven Starr, Anthony Rosano, Layla London

Her Personal Sex Life

Alix is like most women… a Hitachi Magic Wand lover.  She admits to masturbating 3 times a week.  Some weeks it’s as much as 7-8 times or even 2-3 times a day.  Alix loves to be manhandled and finds herself to be more naturally submissive.  She is capable of being the leader and more dominant in bed, but finds this a more natural place depending upon who she is sleeping with, and more so with female partners.  Alix further admits that she is a size queen and loves a big cock.

More Tidbits About Alix

Alix calls herself a high energy level person who loves to spend time with friends in LA and Hollywood.  She also loves to travel and hang at the beach.  She has a fur baby.  A rather large rabbit who shares her home and heart.  She has a wide variety of musical taste from Rock, to 90’s to current Top 20 list.  Her favorite song is “Keep on Singing my Song” by Christina Aguilera and even sang a verse during an interview with VR Hush.  Alix has an amazing singing voice.


How To Find Alix:


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